Seagods is a Hong Kong mixed Dragon Team. The team combines a great mix of commitment, high achievement and fun.

The team was founded in 1999 to promote mixed dragon boat racing in Hong Kong.

The team has evolved to combine a great mix of commitment and high achievement, without losing the fun social roots that make teams do well.


Seagods were Mixed Dragon Boat Champions at the Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships in 2005, 2009, 2011 and 2016 (and came second in 2010 and 2012). We’re the most successful mixed team in the Championship’s history.

Highlight of the year: the dragon boat festival

The Stanley International Championships are the focus of the Seagods racing calendar and are part of a major Chinese festival called Duanwu in Mandarin or Tuen Ng in Cantonese. Dragon Boat racing, which is the main activity linked to the festival, is held each year on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Lunar Calendar (the “double fifth”) to commemorate the death of Qu Yuan (pronounced Chu Yuan), a well-loved statesman and poet, who lived in the Chinese kingdom of Chu more than 2,000 years ago. The festival will fall on 30 May in 2017.


While our sporting goal is to win races, it is even more important to us that we have fun doing it. We have numerous social events throughout the year, including during the off season; and we are invariably the last team still partying on the beach at the end of a day’s racing.

To see the team in action, check out our gallery. 


While we aim to win Stanley Internationals, we also aim for our white boat to win the Gold cup final and introduce a third boat for the first time. We also aim to participate in the Hong Kong Internationals.

Throughout the January to June training season we improve paddling technique, build strength, fitness, endurance and team spirit.

The races we love to compete in are: Deepwater Bay Regatta, Mui Wo, Lamma 500, Stanley Warm Up and Stanley Main.

Training Camp

Each year we head off to somewhere nice in Hong Kong for a training camp and bonding session. Sai Kung in 2017 was pretty epic:

We always welcoming new members so if you’d like to join us, drop an email to info (at) seagods.hk